NLP's School Setup module looks after the sequence of actions involved in setting up a school. Key Features
  • Enables user account management This feature lets users create personalised accounts by adding only their mobile numbers and email addresses. By enabling this, the chances of adding incorrect information are reduced to a great extent. Moreover, a user’s account gets blocked if they tap wrong login credentials five times into the software, thereby adding to the safety and security.
  • Maintains centralised database NLP maintains a centralised database with personal information of parents, students, staff and teachers. This saves the trouble of school administrators to manually enter information over and over again for the forthcoming academic sessions.
  • Provides secure storage of data Malpractices that result in the pilfering of information are taken care of to a great extent. All confidential information, such as fee transactional data, are encrypted so that one user cannot view another user’s personal details.
  • Provides access to role-based system This module has a role-based access system. This system allows school administrators to assign different roles to different users.
  • Allows bulk upload of data The bulk upload feature lets the school administrator transfer data from multiple excel files to a particular destination within the software. It helps them consolidate large amounts of student/staff/parent details and photographs, and upload them in a single course of action.

Bulk Photo Upload

Bulk Student/Staff Upload


Period Structure

Academic Session

Academic Calendar

Branch Details

Custom Fields


Bulk Documents Upload

File Management System

Custom List

Examination Settings

Student Settings

Academic Term

Email ID Validations

Photo Upload

User Account Management

Fee Settings

Transport Route and Services

Copy Admission Settings

Meeting Software Integration

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