How can teacher add youtube videos or other web resources in course lesson plan?

Menu > Teacher Workspace > Home > Select a course

  1. Click Course Details tab on top of the page.
  2. Select the chapter from the right side panel of the page.
  3. Click in front of chapter. It will open list of sessions assigned for that chapter.
  4. Select the desired session.
  5. Click Resources.
  6. Click ‘Add Resources’ button located on right bottom corner of screen.¬†
  7. Click + button in the bottom right corner of screen.
  8. Click Create Resource to open a pop-up window with creation tools.
  9. Click Web reference.
  10. Choose type (Youtube/khan academy/other).
  11. Search the video by name/keyword.
  12. Click the desired video.
  13.  Rename the resource.
  14. Click Done.
Was this article helpful to you?
Was this article helpful to you?