How to add applicants in the confirmation step?

> Admission > Manage Admission

The steps chosen by you for the admission process will be displayed on the screen. Confirmation is the last step in the admission process.

  1. Click at the top right corner of the screen. The New Admission page appears on which the applicant’s details are to be filled in.
  2. Enter the Enquiry No. / Application No. / Registration No. / Evaluation No. or turn on the Autogenerate button to automatically enter the Enquiry No. as per the series mapped to the class.

    You can create the Enquiry No. series from > Admission > Autonumber Settings and map it to classes from > Admission > Enquiry No./Applicant ID series. Enquiry Date will be auto-filled with the current date. You can change the Admission Date to any past date, in case you are updating the admission details that you received earlier.

  3. Choose the academic year for which the admission is enquired from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu enlists the upcoming academic sessions created in NLP.
  4. Select the Class for which admission is sought.
  5. Click UPLOAD PICTURE  to upload the picture of the student. You can upload a picture from the system or capture the picture of the applicant using a webcam.
  6. Fill in the Student Details.
    1. Enter the First Name of the applicant.
    2. Enter the Middle and Last Name of the applicant.
    3. Enter the Date of Birth of the applicant.
    4. Select the Gender of the applicant.   
  7. Fill in the Primary Contact Details.
    1. Select the primary contact among Father, Mother, Local Guardian and Legal Guardian.
    2. Enter the Salutation.
    3. Enter the First Name.
    4. Enter the Last Name.
    5. Enter the Mobile Number.
    6. Enter the Email ID of the primary contact.
  8. Select the Source from where the applicant has learned about the admission.
  9. Add additional Information, if any.
  10. Enter Remark, if any.
  11. Enter the Address of the applicant.
  12.  Select the status of the student by clicking the Shortlist or Waitlist.
  13. Click SAVE or SAVE & CONTINUE.
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Was this article helpful to you?