How to assign homework to students through LMS?

Menu > Teacher Workspace > Home > Select a course

  1. Click Course Details tab on top of the page.
  2. Select the chapter from the right side panel of the page.
  3. Click in front of chapter. It will open list of sessions assigned for that chapter.
  4. Select the desired session.
  5. Click Resources.
  6. Click Homework (on the left side below coursework).
  7. Click Add homework (+ button) it will open homework module specifically designed for homework assigning.
  8. Fill details(homework name, objective, learning outcome, instructions) and click Next.
  9. Choose a session(current/last/next).
  10.  Assign chapter and concept (optional) and click Next.
  11. Choose All/groups/individuals (to whom you want this homework to be assigned) All means homework will be assigned to all students. Group means homework will be assigned to a specific group of students created by the teacher. Individual means teacher can specifically choose some students by their name.
  12.  Select Publish, Unpublish and Submission date and click Next.
  13. Click pre-read for pre-reading/ recommended read for recommended reading/assessment for tests and adaptive assessments for adaptive assessments.
  14.  Click desired resource and click Finish.


In Pre-read and recommended read icon teacher get to assign videos or PDF as homework.

Was this article helpful to you?
Was this article helpful to you?