How to generate Bonafide / Character / Attempt / No Objection Certificate in bulk for students?

> Student > Self Services > Student Letter Generation

    1. Click the BULK tab next to the STUDENT-WISE tab.
      The list of class–sections for which the certificates are downloaded till date will be displayed on the screen. Class–Section of the students, Letter Type, Date, Generated by, No. of Certificates (downloaded) and Status (of generation of certificates) are displayed for each student.
      You can select the Letter Type and the From and To dates between which the certificates were generated.
    2. Click at the top right corner of the screen.
      The five-step process to generate student letters in bulk will be depicted on top of the page.
    3. Select the type of certificate to be generated from the list displayed.
    4. Click NEXT.
    5. Select the Class for which the letters must be generated.
    6. Click on the name panel of the class to select the sections for which the letters are to be generated.
      Select All option helps to select all the classes and the sections in the class.
    7. Click NEXT.
    8. Select the names of the students of the selected class and section for whom the letter is to be generated.

      •  Click the circle next to the Student Name column to select the students in the displayed list (in the selected class and section).
      •  Use   next to the Admission No. column to sequence the students in ascending or descending order of admission numbers.
    9. Click NEXT.
      1. To have similar values/remarks on the certificates of the selected Students,
        1. Turn on the toggle for Same label values for all students.
        2. Fill in the values for the labels listed.
      2. To have different values/remarks on all types of certificates selected for the students,
        1. Turn off the toggle for Same label values for all students.
        2. Click DOWNLOAD to download the template to fill in the label values. (The template will be in xls/xlsx format.)
        3. Fill in the template with the values/remarks.
        4. Drag and drop the updated Excel file in the space provided. Or, browse the updated file and upload in the space provided.
    10. Click NEXT.
      You will get a preview of the certificate to be generated. The type of the student certificate to be generated, class–section and the number of students will be displayed.
    11. Click GENERATE.

      • Upon clicking  GENERATE button, the status of the certificate generation will be updated as In Progress.
      • You can cancel the generation of the certificate by clicking the cancel button in this duration which usually takes 3 minutes to get completed. The cancel button will be disabled after this three minutes duration.
      • Once the certificate is Generated, you can download the certificate by clicking the download button against the certificate details on the Letter Generation page.
Was this article helpful to you?
Was this article helpful to you?