How to set age criteria for students during admission?

> Admission > Age Criteria
Age criteria settings allow you to define age-based restrictions for applicants applying for different classes in the admission process. There are 2 ways in which you can define age criteria

    • Based on Date of birth
    • Based on Age limit
  1. Select By Age Limit or By DOB Limit.
  2. Click at the top right corner of the screen.
  1. For setting DOB Limit,
    1. Select the Born After date.
    2. Select the Born Before date.
      Use to remove the settings saved for each class.
  2. For setting the Age limit,
    1. Select the Reference Date for the desired class.
      Example: The student must be 4 years as on the selected reference date to be considered for admission to Nursery class.
    2. Select the lower and upper age limits as on date.
    3. Click SAVE.


  • NLP will warn users when they try to enter an enquiry or applicant which violates the defined age criteria. However, the user can override this warning and proceed.
  • In order to prevent users from overriding the defined age criteria, go to >Admission > Admission Process  > Smart Validations, and tick  Age criteria required checkbox.
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Was this article helpful to you?